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10 Reasons To Become An Affiliate Marketer

by Kevin Clarke

Affiliate marketing is quickly taking the eight hour a day job and making it a thing of the past, thousands are making a living from being an affiliate marketer, and some of it is even affiliate marketing without a website. So what are some of the biggest benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer? I will list ten, however, the possibilities are endless if you have the willpower and creativity to cause a rumble in the internet marketing world.

* You are the only one who limits your income

People are literally making hundreds of dollars, if not thousands a day through affiliate marketing, you will need more than a book on affiliate marketing for dummies but once you own your craft, it is definitely doable. If you participate on forums and experiment with all the idea floating inside of your head, it really boils down to getting people to sign up for something you offer; once you have that down, you truly have no limits on the amount of income you can earn.

* You are your own boss

One of the sweetest parts about being an affiliate marketer, whether you do it full time or part time, is the fact that you are your own boss. You can work whatever hours you want. Now the only limit to this is that if you engage customers throughout your affiliate marketing program, a majority of affiliate marketing tips will tell you to find out what time most of them are on and active, so you can have higher success rate on getting sign ups to whatever program you are pushing. Of course the benefits far outweigh this, because there is nothing quite like making money while still wearing your pajamas and sipping on a drink of your choice.

* Limitless opportunities

If you are creative, there are limitless opportunities in how you can make money online. Whether you want to work as an affiliate for a large company like Amazon, or begin your own affiliate program and have people work for you; either one is possible. You can even begin an affiliate program to where you can even do affiliate marketing without a website.

* Simple to make money

Once you have learned the basis of becoming an affiliate marketer, and customized it to learn your own "tricks of the trade" it really can be easy to make money. There are hundreds of programs ready to pay for user email addresses, or you can even use you own newsletter to sell products that can earn you a hefty commission. Maybe simple to make money is a bit exaggerated, but realistically once you have your program in place, it is possible.

* Sell your own product

You can market your own products, especially if you have prior knowledge in the internet marketing field; whether it be SEO, PPC ads, or social media. You can use this prior knowledge to sell your system of making money to other webmasters out there that are wanting to make money like yourself. One of the prime ways people make money online is selling other people ways to make money. Even a simple product that sets up a system of websites that can help people make online money, coupled with affiliate marketing tips can make someone wealthy in a short amount of time.

* Make a name for yourself online

Everyone wants to have some sort of "claim to fame" you have heard of a multitude of affiliate marketers who do pretty well on the internet marketing side of things; for instance, John Chow and Jon Warass may be a few of the names you have heard of. These two are just a few examples of people who have done very well for themselves on the internet. If you want to make a name for yourself, for you "15 minutes of fame" this is definitely one of the ways to get you to it, fast. Sell a product people want and talk about, and you are good to go.

* Work a great work schedule

At first it can prove difficult to work whatever work schedule you want, however, once you get into affiliate marketing and settled you can figure out the best times for yourself to make money, and once you get the prep work done your day is free reign, want to work 4 pm to 7 pm? Go for it , just do not let your business slip away from you, and remember to always treat affiliate marketing like a business.

* Work anywhere you want

Once you break the chains of your daily eight to five job and move into affiliate marketing full time, you can not only sleep in, but if you want to work at the pool all day during the summer, go for it. Working wherever you want, especially if you are used to working inside of a cubicle is the best feeling of liberation possible in the corporate world. There is nothing quite like making money while sipping a Mai Thai by the pool of your choice.

* Manage your own "empire"

There are many routes you can take whenever you engage in affiliate marketing. Currently, webmasters who represent other affiliate programs can have multiple websites pushing products. I personally know of a handful of webmasters who solely push Amazon and have a huge network of sites doing so. If you can play candy crush for two hours a day, you can instead use that time to make some extra money by running your own network of websites pushing your favorite affiliate marketing scheme.

* Write about things you care about

Whenever it comes to the previous step (building your own blog empire) you can use this method in order to talk about things you actually care about; this is actually one way to setup one of the most profitable business models on the internet.

You engage with the visitors of your site more this way and can also put a twist on your articles that make them relate more, and raise conversion ratios. Also, studies show it is always healthy to write about things in your life, so making a related blog can make you unleash you creative side while also earning some cold hard cash! Affiliate marketing is a great field whether you are interested in a side business or a full-time job once you are more established.

Nowhere else can you start a new business for less than a hundred dollars; and have the earning potential and return on investment that the internet can bring you. Just check out related blogs for affiliate marketing tips and how to guides on setting up your site for financial success through affiliate marketing.


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